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Complete Insurance Solutions for Mississauga ON

For 40 years and counting, Peter Toller Insurance has provided comprehensive and affordable insurance options to clients in Mississauga and throughout the surrounding area. Peter Toller and his team represent more than a dozen insurance companies. With their portfolio of insurance policies, the team from Peter Toller Insurance is sure to find a policy that fits your needs and your budget.


Peter Toller Insurance provides a wide array of insurance options, including:

Life Insurance


Many people are only insured through their workplace’s benefit plan. That plan could offer a single flat amount or a multiple of an employee’s earnings. Whatever the case may be, your company plan likely doesn’t take your specific family needs into account. Peter Toller Insurance offers low term rates and a great variety of universal life insurance plans.



Consider purchasing a personal disability insurance plan to supplement your workplace’s benefit plan. Many disability insurance policies provided by employers carry a monthly maximum that may not offer what you need. A high income earner may find that this cap on benefits actually reduces the payout from 67% to as little as 30%.

Disability Insurance


This product is gaining in popularity. 30 days after being diagnosed with any of 24 covered illnesses, a tax-free lump sum may be paid to you. This can be used to pay debts, replace income or redesign your home for greater accessibility.

Woman in hospital room
Critical Illness Insurance
at the airport


Whether you are travelling just outside Ontario or planning a trip abroad, Peter Toller Insurance can match you with low-priced travel insurance plans to cover health emergencies. If you’re visiting Canada with a Super Visa or without, you’ll benefit from excellent travel insurance plans when you choose Peter Toller Insurance.


Do you know someone who has been hurt by low return of GICs? An annuity will often pay a larger income than a GIC and it’s guaranteed for life. As an insurance broker, Peter Toller Insurance surveys all companies to find the most effective solution for you.



Whether your company is home to one or 100 employees, Peter Toller Insurance in Mississauga offers the most comprehensive benefits packages that serve you and your employees’ needs.

Employee Benefits
Travel Insurance


Many investors are drawn to the creditor protection and “locking-in” of gains, which these funds provide. Suitable for your RRSPs or non-registered money, segregated funds could be the perfect solution for you.

Financial Report
Segregated Funds

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